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A typical injection moulding machine is seen below with the covers removed. Plastic pellets are poured in the hopper, and finished parts emerge from the dies.

Barrel - the cylinder the injection screw sits in.

Cavity/Impression - The two or more hollow metal parts that contain the negative of the part.

Cold Flow - material that is too cool when injected will get a dull surface finish.

Core - a protruding (or male) mold component.

Crazing - a fine mesh of cracks.

Degating - separate parts from runners

Delamination - the surface peels off in layers

Dowels/Guidepins - used to mate mold cavities

Distortion - a warped molding

Dwell - a delay time after filling the mold

Ejector Pins - push the part out of the mold as it is opened

Feed - the volume of plastic injected into the mold as it is advanced

Flash - a thin flat section that has "squirted" out of the mold

Gassing - trapped gas marks and burns the mold

Gates - the entry port between the runners and the parts

Granules - the pellet form that raw plastic is delivered in.

Granulation/Grinder - will reduce parts to granules for reuse

Inserts - parts placed in the mold before closure and injection. These become an embedded part of the final product

Nozzle - the plastic is ejected through the nozzle to the mold.

Polymers - The chemical category of plastics

Powder - a finely ground material

Preheating - plastic may be heated before use to remove moisture contaminants

Purging - a few purging shots are made when changing the material

Ram - opens and closes the platens

Regrind - reclaimed plastic granules

Release Agent/Spray - A spray, such as silicone, can be sprayed into tight molds to ease part removal.

Runners - connect the gate to the sprue

Safety gate - the gate must close and shut the operator out for the press to close.

Shot - one injection of plastic

Short shot - insufficient plastic is injected

Shrinkage - reduction in size as mold cools

Sinking - Surface deformation on parts.

Sprue - excess plastic between the injector nozzle and the mold

Vent - A small gap that allows air to escape as it is displaced by molten plastic

Warped - Cooling stresses cause a part to twist, or warp, to a new shape.

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